On the cusp…

Took my son to the airport today.  I tried to be cool with it but it about killed me.  So I came home, meditated and connected with Herself.  It was good to feel Her there, so I decided to do an impromptu devotional for Herself.

I then pulled a Moon card.  I got the Christmas Moon.
Now is a time to reflect.  Something is ending for you but something wonderful is about to begin.  Don’t doubt the turning of the Wheel of Life.  This has come to you for a reason.
I then tried to do an Ogham casting for myself.  All I got from it was that I need to trust my gifts, believe in myself and all will be well.  Easier said than done, Universe.

Energetically speaking…

…yesterday sucked.  I used and gave away way too much.  I’m still exhausted.  It’s a good kind of feeling though.  Cause I know that when I lay my head down and allow myself to drift off, which will be very soon, Morpheus won’t keep me waiting.  And in the morning I’ll wake up and a new cycle has begun.

Long week

What a long week its been. Even though I’m on vacation from school the rest of life continues. Including, or perhaps especially, the spiritual side. And with the down time from school, there’s been lots to do in that arena.

Spent a lot of time reconnecting with Herself and accepting my place in Her service as well as The Universe’s. I think I understand my purpose, at least the basic concept of it. I’m still working on some of the finer details but I’d like to think I have an understanding of the general idea.

It is now time for me to start doing the castings that I’ve promised to do. They will be recorded and posted for those that have asked for them so they have access to them and can save them as they wish.

Yea, the Universe has been screaming at me but I haven’t had a chance to sit and listen.  Bad witch.  Bad bad witch.